Jaiswal and Associates completed 10 years of service with 100% visa success rate. We provide the best educational consultancy across the industry. Our services are 100% true and transparent. Now we starting with work permits and planning to have our own offices abroad in Dubai and London.

Career Guidance

Jaiswal and Associates has a team of experts with more than half a decade of experience in the field of overseas education. We assist you to choose the best career path, enabling the students to join the right course in the right institute and with the right Country.

Admission Assistance

Here starts the Admission Process which is the most toughest part of the process. Analyzing the academics scores, suggesting the English language test accordingly, Searching & Choosing the right Course and University and the Financial Support. Then comes the time to be patient till the University gives the approval to the application.


When students choose to study abroad you have to go through an english language professional exam to prove english language skills. We assist you to the most advanced economic rely on standardized tests to assess Visa application, to help you get your best scores and boost your chances of acheving the goals of studying abroad.

Fianancial Assistance

Visa applications require the student to show that they have adequate funds to support themselves, we guide in calculating funds in foreign exchange & make sure to reach the minimum threshold.

Visa Assistance

We Verify the documents Technically and Documentally, implementing in the correct manner as per the visa guidelines set by respective countries. Jaiswal and Associates has a great professional team to conduct the mock tests on visa interview. Immigration and visa are too complex and confusing, as the visa is of many types. We help you out to choose the correct one.

Flight Assistance

We understand that many of you are travelling abroad for the first time. So we guide you to know exactly what to do, where to go and whom to contact once you have landed.