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Get abroad admission for higher studies in top universities of United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Malta, Singapore, Dubai. We help you to select the program and University. We do application submission and receive offer of acceptance.

We submit LOP and SOP to get the unconditional offer letter. We assist in getting bank loans, government loans and finances to pay the fees. We prepare the students for the Credibility Interview of the Universities to get CAS

We prepare you to apply for student visa and appear for Visa Interview at the embassy. We brief the student about the place and conditions where they are going for studies. We prepare the students for the immigration interview, to study and live abroad.

Countries we serve

United Kingdom

Studying in the UK offers students unparalleled growth opportunities. The world-class facilities offered by the universities give students a chance to gain international exposure. International students tend to flock to the UK because the British education system offers numerous benefits.


The Canadian educational system is among the best in the world. In fact if you are planning to live there, the education part is the best part of being in Canada. Canadian universities are very multicultural, way more than work life. You meet all type of people, the teachers are competent, programs are varied.


The education in US is far more advanced(in terms of studying the recent technologies or advancement in respective fields). The US has truly achieved something miraculous over the past century in the way they have nurtured and developed their university systems.


Malta is a very small island,consisting of public and private universities/colleges who offer both graduate and masters program to international students. Every year hundreds of international students comes to Malta for their further studies for both bachelors and masters program.


Singapore is the 1st place on the quality of the educational system. It is regarded a premier education hub with world class universities offering excellent quality of education and life. Singapore is also a financially viable country for international students.


The educational system in Dubai is one of the most advanced and respected in the world. The city offers a wide variety of international curriculum schools which cater to the needs of students from all over the world. The universities and colleges in Dubai are well known for their excellent facilities and resources.